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The Himalayan Hunter

About Yusaf “Joey” Paracha

Do you want to feel the adrenaline and tension of a real wild hunt in the most secluded places on the planet? The Himalayan Hunter brings these sensations to your screen from its YouTube channel. Raw, intense, real, and wildly natural content, so you can discover the mysteries and wonders of the art of hunting, fishing, and cooking.

I am Yusaf “Joey” Paracha, and yes, as complicated as it may seem to you today, I am a
born hunter of those who are barely left in the world. At only 4 years old, I learned to move
and handle myself in all kinds of ruthless landscapes, with my equipment, and my
passion on my back. Throughout all these decades, I have travelled through the darkest
forests, the most unassailable mountains, and the roughest coasts improving my skills, mytechniques, my strategies and my recipes.

Today, I bring these stories to your screen. You will not see a reality as shocking as the one
I will show you: discover with me the savagery of nature, the beauty of the most secluded
corners of the world, and the art and science of hunting, fishing and cooking.

With The Himalayan Hunter, you will discover a new approach to what it is to hunt. A
genuine feeling that comes from the depths of my soul that I intend to transmit to you,
with each of my videos.

Through my stories you will feel the loneliness and freedom in the
infinite before the natural universe, me, my weapon and the prey. You will perceive the wind,
the flight of the birds, the carelessness of the curious fish, the glide of the eagle, the smell of the
mountains, the scream of the deer, the cold of winter that freezes your bones but not your soul,
the snow, the scent of fireplace and gunpowder, the burning embers, the fire, the weapons,
the warmth of the company, the friendship of different people —the ethereal and never ephemeral
sense of ultimate freedom.

Do you dare to experience from home a real adventure in the wildest and most extreme
conditions with me? Welcome to The Himalayan Hunter.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on my social networks to enjoy never
before seen content. Days out in the wilderness, hundreds of miles of impregnable territory
on foot, fishing and hunting on the coast and inland, and dozens of unique recipes and
secrets that you’ll only learn from a master native hunter!

This channel is dedicated to promoting Ethical Hunting and Fishing Practices, as well as
educating the locals at these secluded locations about the fundamentals of conservation,
and game and fish management. The hunter takes care of the environment because the
density of the prey depends on it, without prey, there is no hunting, and without hunting,
there is no life, stories or magic.

All the fish and game are harvested legally and consumed by the people. Nothing goes to waste!
Enjoy hunting, fishing and, of course, cooking, from start to finish. From the preparations to
the tasting of the prey. Because, in The Himalayan Hunter, “it ain’t over till you eat it”…